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작성자 : 이창우 (x1wins) | 등록일 : 2011-04-26 | 목록
첨부 파일이 없습니다.
첨부 이미지가 없습니다.
첨부 코드가 없습니다.
1. 세션 무제한 - done
2. html5 bbs 추가 - done
3. 리플 삭제 카운트 버그 수정 - done
4. 첨부파일 경로 수정 - done
5. 첨부파일 한글 문제 - done
6. 첨부파일 이름 중복될경우 삭제 되지 않도록 수정
7. 첨부파일 코멘트 추가 및 뷰처리 - done
8. fck editer 추가
9. editer size up
10. auto link at start 'http://' in <a> - done
11. implement bbs reading, writing authority - done
12. writeForm design modify
13. source writeform implementation and syntax highlight 3.x addition
- ( ) -done
- cw_bbs_code table addition - done
- modify same writeForm design
14. dynamic writeForm count implementation - cancel
15. subject view max length modify -done
16. default bbs change to all view from notice -done
17. xss modify -cancel
- bbs content tag allow and script, iframe blacking -cancel
- highlight content tag ,script, iframe and all tag blacking -cancel
- file same highlight -cancel
18 sns link bug modify -done
19 searching encoding bug
20 implement tag cloud
21 ms internet explorer code tag design error modify - done
22 onfocus cursor in 'sign in' page - done
23 updateForm '<' '>' tag view
24 book bbs addition -done
25 decoding error after searching and go to detail page -done
26 diary bbs addition -done
27 mobile web developing
28 sign in string all change to lower casen - done
29 bbs writeform updateform mobile web develope
30 mobileweb textarea modified to dynamic height - done
31 error page and level blocking page UI change
32 cw_bbs_list add column view_type
33 reply content auto link a tag
34 highlight type addition this follow
'applescript @shBrushAppleScript.js',
'actionscript3 as3 @shBrushAS3.js',
'bash shell @shBrushBash.js',
'coldfusion cf @shBrushColdFusion.js',
'cpp c @shBrushCpp.js',
'c# c-sharp csharp @shBrushCSharp.js',
'css @shBrushCss.js',
'delphi pascal @shBrushDelphi.js',
'diff patch pas @shBrushDiff.js',
'erl erlang @shBrushErlang.js',
'groovy @shBrushGroovy.js',
'java @shBrushJava.js',
'jfx javafx @shBrushJavaFX.js',
'js jscript javascript @shBrushJScript.js',
'perl pl @shBrushPerl.js',
'php @shBrushPhp.js',
'text plain @shBrushPlain.js',
'py python @shBrushPython.js',
'ruby rails ror rb @shBrushRuby.js',
'sass scss @shBrushSass.js',
'scala @shBrushScala.js',
'sql @shBrushSql.js',
'vb vbnet @shBrushVb.js',
'xml xhtml xslt html @shBrushXml.js'
35 link key change to bbs num from bbs list name(object c name error)
36 update sign up page return URL to before sign up page URL
37 paging bug fixing 0page
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