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작성자 : 이창우 (x1wins) | 등록일 : 2011-07-27 | 목록
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The Rock (더 록)

실제 영화와 똑같이 편집하였습니다.
많은 도움 되시길 바랍니다. -schoolboy-

We can't hold out
much longer, sir.

General Hummel, you've gotta
get us outta here now!

I won't let you down.
I won't let you down, son.

Goddamn it, sir.
How long do we have to wait?
I've lost fifteen men already!

Sir, they're lightin' us
up like a firestorm!

This is General Hummel.
You gotta get my men
outta there.

We don't have clearance to
go behind enemy lines sir.

They're not comin' for us,
are they, sir?

Congressman Weaver and
esteemed members of the
Special Armed Services Committee.

I come before you
to protest a grave injustice.


It has to stop.

I miss you so much.

There's something
I've gotta do, Barb.

Something I couldn't do
while you were here.

I tried. You know I tried
everything. And I still
don't have their attention.

Let's hope this elevates
their thinking.

But whatever happens please
don't think less of me.

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