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And that'll be five dollars,
Isherwood. -I suck.

You guys have too much
time on your hands.

Yes, she's here.
Bring it to me now.
Thank you, Phil!

What's that?
Why'd you get it sent here?

Carla wouldn't approve.
She thinks it's dumb to spend
six hundred dollars on an L.P.

Carla's right. Why don't you
just spend thirteen dollars
on a CD, man?

Well, first of all, it's
because I'm a Beatlemaniac.
And, second, these sound better.

Could be serious.
Could be sarin gas.

A dog out at J.F.K.
caught a whiff of something
in this package.

postmarked to a
Bosnian refugee camp.

Could be detergent.
Or it could be sarin gas.
-Bosnian refugee camp?

Half a million Serbians reside
in the U. S., Marvin.
Serbians don't like Bosnians.

Help 'em get suited up.

You bring the cockroaches?
-Got 'em.

We have airlock, Stanley.
You're all set to go.

October one, oh-nine-hundred
hours, agent Stanley
Goodspeed agent trainee

Marvin Isherwood initiating
exam of wooden crate.

Suspicion of sarin gas
inside. Marvin, sarin is a....?
-G.B. aerosol. -That is correct.

Now, let's see, we have some
dirty magazines "Stone Age
Cave Girls in the Raw."

Kinky. And uh....
Not a good sign.

Hello, little baby doll. Look it,
Stan. Hi there, Stanley.
-Marvin, don't! -Hi, Stan.

Shit! Move back! Move back!
-I want the exhaust. -Ha.

Hang on, guys! We'll have that
room clear in fifty seconds.

You're gonna be okay.
-Jesus Christ!

Okay, I've got some bad news
and some really bad news.

The bad news is that the
gas is corrosive and
it's eating our suits.

It's all over my hand, man.

The really bad news is there's
enough C-four explosive
and poison gas to

blow the whole chamber and kill
everybody in the building.
Detonation too heavy.

Everybody out of the room!
Now! -Seal us inside! -Where
are the sprinklers, Lonner?

The acid's eating my su--
It's eating my fucking
suit, all right? Shit.

Just wash us off!
Where're my sprinklers?

We're working on it. It's coming!
It's just a flow problem.

Well, that's a pretty big,
friggin' problem, Lonner.
Fix it now!

We're working on it.
How much time do you
have on that detonator?

A minute, ten.
Look at this!

We're gonna have the room clear.
Tell 'em to take the atropine now.
The atropine, Isherwood.

What? Where's my water, Lonner?!
-One minute!

Marvin, the atropine! Now!
Inject it in your heart before
your suit melts. -Shit.

Take your, take your dose.
-Where's that water?!
Get that away from me!

Come on, Phil, fix it, for
Christ's sake. -Take the
atropine now, Stan, for

Christ's sake! -We're fucked.
-The poison's mixing.

What the fuck are you waiting
for, Stanley?! You take the
fucking needle now!

Fuck. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck.
Oh, shi-- -Forty seconds!

If that suit melts-- If
you die, we all die!

Inject your heart and
then defuse the bomb.

Come on, just do it, Stan!
-Shit, what if I miss my heart?!
I can't see shit! -Do it now!

Look how big this is. You want
me to stick this into my heart?
Are you fucking nuts?

The sprinkler's coming.
It's coming.
-Okay, here we go, men.

Sprinkler activated!
-How much time left?
-Twenty seconds.

We're not gonna make it.
-Fifteen. -Come on.


Get me the fuck out of this gas
chamber. I almost stabbed myself
in the heart with this thing.
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