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The rock 대본4

작성자 : 이창우 (x1wins) | 등록일 : 2011-08-09 | 목록
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Stan? -Hey, darlin'. -Hi, baby.

I had such an interesting
day today.

Yeah, I had kind of an
interesting day myself.
-Oh, okay, you go first.

Oh, just some terrorists
decided to send a little
care package.

Box of goodies, which had to be
neutralized before blowing up
the office.

So, I took the rest of the day
off. Glass of wine, a little
guitar. Just relaxing. -Wow.

I mean it honey, the world
is being Fedexed to hell
on a handcart.

I really believe that anyone
who's even thinking about
having a child in this world

is coldly considering an act
of cruelty. I know, I'm
rambling, I'm complaining.

I'm sorry.
What's your news, baby?

I'm pregnant. -I'm sorry?

I'm pregnant. -Really? -Yeah. -Wow.

Is that all you're gonna say is,
"Wow"? -You're pregnant?
-Three weeks.

How do you know?
I mean, ho-how do you know?

Blue. It just turned blue
so I went to the doctor.

Well, you didn't mean what
you just said, did you? -When?

Eh, just right now, when you
were talking about bringing
a child into the world and

having it be an act of cruelty.
-I meant it at the time.

Stanley, at the time? You said
it seven and a half seconds ago.

Well, gosh, kind of a lot's
happened since then.
Look, we're not even married.

I know. It's funny you should
mention that. -It's funny?

Do you love me?
-Of course I love you.
-Good. Will you marry me?

Whoa, whoa, wai-- Hey,
Marriage Police, pull over.

Come on, Stanley, I'm
proposing to you right now.
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