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Today mobile web is hot issue. because iphone, android, etc, smart phone is very using. Desktop can't view mobile web. Do it connecting iphone or android

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This web site is very cleary and powerful website and using recently technology(spring, ibatis, tiles2, jquery). If you want to get web site source. Just send email to me

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This blog is developed when i am student. This Blog is using spyka's opensource webdesign. spyka is simple and pretty and good web design

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Have fun with slides!

These slides can contain anything a webpage can! HTML, Javascript, images, flash or whatever! They're completely easy to edit and add to as well, no need to bother editing or even going anywhere near some confusing Javascript files, simply add a <div></div> tag with your slider content to the "slides" contain - it takes just seconds to do!

These slides work using the absolutely wonderful lightweight jQuery plugin jFlow, originally written by Kean Loong and modified by both Mauro Belgiovine and spyka Webmaster. The script has been licensed under the open source MIT license, so feel free to play around and modify it as much or as little as you wish! blog

Slide #3

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